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Give your firm the edge to stay competitive in a rapidly transforming wealth management industry

Wealthscope offers a comprehensive suite of solutions with flexible integration options to help you meet the unique needs of your business

With Wealthscope Enterprise Solutions, you can access industry-leading portfolio analysis and integrated financial planning tools, curated the way you want on your platform

Client segments includes (but not limited to) ...


Wealth Advisors

Group Retirement Plans


Use Case #1: Online Brokerages

In a time of race-to-the-bottom fees, give your brokerage the edge to stay competitive with innovative tools that your customers will value. Our tools are proven to increase customer engagement.

Send secured, anonymized customer portfolio and financial planning data and receive real-time analysis for display on your own platform.​

Empower your customers with the knowledge to better build, understand, and manage their portfolios. Encourage them to be more actively involved in their investments; help them make informed decisions before they trade.


Use Case #2: Wealth Advisors

Integrate Wealthscope tools directly onto your internal platform, and send secured client data

Reinforce investor confidence and enhance client experience by providing objective, intelligent analytics. Place emphasis on informed and evidence-based decisions for your compliance team.

Help your advisors build intuitive, visually compelling and printable portfolio recommendations and retirement plans for their clients to meet CFR requirements.

Save time and money with a one-stop robust portfolio analytics and retirement planning solution, eliminating the need to source from multiple vendors.


Use Case #3: Group Retirement Plans

Are your plan members disengaged or feeling overwhelmed when it comes to their investment decisions and financial goals? Are their contribution rates too low? 

Our investment analytics and planning tools, developed by award-winning finance scholars, can help educate your plan members and increase engagement.

Plan members can see how to optimally decumulate retirement assets, and consider sensitivity analysis. The Wealthscope Drawdown Plan automatically analyzes thousands of withdrawal strategies to provide a tax-optimized income stream​.​

Our technology helps bridge the disconnect between a plan member's investments and financial goals by integrating actual portfolios in retirement plans.

The Wealthscope Advantage

Pick only the relevant features for your platform and audience, with a flexible licensing agreement. Customization services available. 

You can take our UI/UX as is, or as a template, improving speed to market significantly.

The latest thinking, built on 60+ years of combined financial research and data science experience; our team consists of three PhDs, a CFA, and an experienced business leader in Fintech. We stand behind all of our analytics.

"Wealthscope is an impressive technology provider that enabled seamless integration in record time - as we moved quickly to help readers in these volatile times!"

Michael Shaye, Senior Product Manager | Digital, Globe and Mail 

Have any questions? Reach out to set up a demo today!

Ask us how we can address your specific business challenges, the benefits of working with us, or more details on our proven digital solutions.

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