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Enterprise Solutions

Our Software Development Kit is a convenient way to integrate Wealthscope tools onto your enterprise platform​

Wealthscope offers enterprise solutions to online brokerages, brokers/dealers, wealth management platform and group retirment plans. All of the analytics and planning APIs are our own, and we can offer highly customizable solutions, including user interface. 

Why use the Wealthscope SDK?

Easy to install via NPM

Open source


 Handles authentication

Two methods of integration: 1) iFrame and 2) REST API.

iFrame Integration

The SDK initializes an iFrame which allows access to Wealthscope's GUI.



  • Provides a ready-made UI out of the box

  • Maintenance of UI code is performed by Wealthscope

  • Minimum coding effort


  • No deep integration with existing Business Logic

  • iFrame UI has its specific look-and-feel as designed by Wealthscope

image (12).png

REST API Integration

The SDK allows convenience methods to directly call Wealthscope APIs from the frontend.



  • Powerful way to interact with Wealthscope APIs

  • Ability to deeply integrate with your existing code

  • Extensive documentation

  • UI design templates and access to Wealthscope demo account


  • You will need to develop your own UI code

  • You will need to develop your own supporting code

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Please contact us for documentation and more information here.

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