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Core Team

We are a bunch of wealth-tech enthusiasts with a common goal of making portfolio management and financial planning tools accessible to all.

Ryan Tristan Chiu

 Digital Media & Software Developer

Pauline Shum Nolan, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Bruce Seago, MBA
CFO & Director


Simiao Zhou, PhD, CFA

Director of Research &

Senior Software Developer

Armaan Zaffino, BBA

Product & Client Success Manager

Tristan Chiu, BA (Hons)

Software Developer & Digital Media


Sandra Huo, CFA, MBA

Data Scientist

Silei 2023_edited.jpg

David Varadi, CFA, MBA

Business Development Manager

David Varadi.png

Pauline Shum Nolan, PhD
Founder & CEO

Melanie Arellano Baratto

Frontend Software Developer


Preet Banerjee, DBA
Director & Partner

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