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What's next for technology in the wealth industry?

June 7, 2022

While the COVID-19 pandemic’s negative impacts continue to reverberate and echo throughout the world, it’s also led to some positive unintended consequences, such as the accelerated adoption of technology in the wealth space. And according to one fintech platform leader, that positive momentum can be carried over into a number of crucial directions.

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Helping advisors take a full picture of clients’ portfolios

June 3, 2022

When reflecting on her firm’s participation in the TestLab Initiative launched by the Ontario Securities Commission’s (OSC) Innovation Office, Pauline Shum Nolan can’t help but think how much her fintech firm’s mission is in line with the project’s purpose.

“Our ultimate goal is to help improve investor outcomes. So in that sense, we're perfectly aligned with the objectives of the OSC,” said Pauline Shum Nolan, founder and CEO of Wealthscope. “When we try to think about how to solve problems for advisors and wealth management firms, we always have the end investors, the consumer in mind.”

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Wealthscope inks partnership with Ndex Systems

February 24, 2022

New partnership unlocks added value through an on-demand investment analysis solution. Ndex Systems is renowned for its independent and multi-custodial data collection, reconciliation, and reporting.

With their combined capabilities, Wealthscope and Ndex Systems will provide investment advisors with a web-based solution that allows them to deliver intuitive, data-driven portfolio insights on demand, allowing them to engage and impress their customers.

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Ground-breaking partnership with U.S.-based big data firm unlocks multi-dimensional ESG scoring for retail investors

September 17, 2021

Leading portfolio analytics and retirement planning software provider Wealthscope is wading into the ESG data space through an innovative partnership with OWL Analytics, a big data firm specializing in ESG research, to incorporate ESG analysis into Wealthscope’s investment analytics services.


With the newly announced relationship, Wealthscope has cemented itself as the first platform in Canada to provide portfolio-level ESG scoring directly to retail investors.

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The elusive second opinion: What to do if you want feedback on your investing

February 23, 2021

A secret wish of many DIY investors is to get an unbiased second opinion on their portfolio.

In a hot stock market like we have now, we’re all genius investors. But realists know the test of smart do-it-yourself investing is to consistently generate the returns you need over long periods of time. If you have doubts about that, a second opinion makes sense.

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Globe Unlimited subscribers now have access to portfolio analytics tool Wealthscope

May 15, 2020

Globe Investor is pleased to now offer Wealthscope - a powerful and easy-to-use portfolio analytics tool. Wealthscope is free for our Portfolio users who are Globe Unlimited subscribers.

The goal is to help Globe readers make better decisions, and holistically understand how they can expect their portfolio to perform in market conditions both good and bad.

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Qtrade Investor integrates Wealthscope 'Portfolio Score' analytics tool

October 30, 2019

Qtrade Investor, part of Aviso Wealth, announced today it has partnered with Wealthscope, a leading portfolio and planning analytics provider, to launch 'Portfolio Score' on its platform. This portfolio analysis tool—the most comprehensive available from a Canadian online brokerage—enables investors to quickly analyze their portfolio holdings so they can make well-informed trading decisions. It provides an objective, holistic picture of how a portfolio is built and how it can perform in all market scenarios.

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New tool to help those accumulating and decumulating retirement assets

October 24, 2019

The tool, Wealthscope, was developed by Pauline Shum Nolan, who is also a member of the university pension fund’s investment committee. She says the inspiration for the tool came from her time on the committee, where she noticed the amount of information available on specific funds, but not at the total portfolio level.

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Wealthscope launches powerful portfolio analytics on investment tracking platform Wealthica

August 8, 2019

Wealthscope, a premier provider of portfolio and planning analytics, is announcing their partnership with Canada's leading financial data aggregator, Wealthica. Wealthscope's comprehensive portfolio analytics will be fully integrated within the Wealthica platform. Investors will have access to these tools to help them better understand and manage their investments for the long term.

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Three ways to get a second opinion on your investment portfolio

April 26, 2019

Portfolio Analytics works equally well for DIY investors and people who have an adviser. “The results you get from Portfolio Analytics versus what your adviser has done could very well be different, and the adviser might be totally right,” Mr. Modesto said. “But at least it starts a conversation [with the adviser]. It gives people a chance to say, ‘what’s happening here, explain it to me.’”

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Preet Banerjee joins Wealthscope as Partner [Press Release]

April 3, 2019

“We are thrilled to welcome renowned personal finance expert Preet Banerjee to the Wealthscope team,” said Pauline Shum Nolan, co-founder of Wealthscope. “Mr. Banerjee’s skill set complements the team perfectly; he brings a wealth of experience in the financial advisory business.”

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Virtual Brokers enhances platform with powerful portfolio analytics for investors [Press Release]

January 28, 2019

Virtual Brokers, a leading Canadian online order execution only dealer, has announced the integration of Wealthscope into its client-driven service platform. Wealthscope is a state-of-the-art portfolio analytics tool that allows clients to monitor and analyze their self-directed portfolio's performance, risk, diversification, market exposure, fees and more.

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Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Providers - 2018


Investment in assets, bonds, and shares are the building block of the finance market and it is imperative for bankers and individuals alike to keep track of the investment portfolio to maximize profits. Given the ever-rising startup culture, it is necessary for investment bankers and hedge fund companies to constantly quantify the returns of their portfolio and the performance of active investment. 

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A different frame: high net-worth clients want guidance on the complex challenges that wealth can bring

October 15, 2018

Pauline Shum Nolan, a professor of finance at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, studies the financial behaviour of investors, among other research interests. She recently launched a new, low-cost online investing tool,, that allows investors to track their overall investment returns and performance, as well as experiment with different hypothetical portfolios. 

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Episode 164: How to know if you're investing right with Pauline Shum Nolan

June 20, 2018

Investing doesn’t just mean dumping your money in stocks and hoping for the best. It also shouldn’t mean handing over your money to an advisor and praying they manage your money properly. The best way to invest is to be an informed investor, staying diversified (investing in multiple investment products), and saying no to high fees.

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Episode 15: Wealthscope with Pauline Shum-Nolan

May 8, 2018

During the 15th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira interviews Pauline Shum Nolan, the Co-Founder and CEO of Wealthscope, an online tool for accessing portfolios. Pauline shares the creation and opportunities available with Wealthscope, which digs beyond performance, into various parameters like factor-based investing, fees, and long-term projections of income.

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How to get the second opinion you’ve always wanted for your portfolio

April 3, 2018

The latest attempt to provide second opinions may just be the greatest: A website called Wealthscope, where investors and advisers can put their existing portfolios through a brisk, thorough workout, or test their own ideas for portfolio building. A basic service tier is currently available for free. 

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Fintech firms target expansion

January 15, 2018

“We’re trying to fill a niche in the robo wealth-management [market],” says Pauline Shum Nolan, CEO and co-founder of PWPA and professor of finance with York University’s Schulich School of Business. “[We want] to provide investors and advisors with more information to help both parties better understand, [provide] better advice about and be better informed about their investments and their retirement plans.”

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Podcast 13: Here come the robots with Pauline Shum Nolan

December 13, 2017

Pauline Shum-Nolan is a professor of Finance at the Schulich School of Business whose research has focused on ETFs. She is also president and co-founder of PW Portfolio Analytics, a firm that provides risk analysis and other research services for DIY investors, advisors and institutions.

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Robo-advisers take aim at high-net-worth clients

January 22, 2017

Prof. Shum Nolan says robo-advisers need to offer a growing number of products and services, such as financial planning and a broader range of exchange traded funds (ETFs), if they want to attract this richer clientele.

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How digital services will affect financial advising [The Globe and Mail]

June 28, 2016

Dr. Shum Nolan is the Founder of PW Portfolio Analytics Inc. The company seeks to provide overall portfolio analytics, especially risk exposure. The idea, as Dr. Shum Nolan says, is to "open up that black box because when I get that model portfolio from the bank or from a robo it's just a list of some funds."

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