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Wealthscope for DIY Investors 
Wealth management tools on demand

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DIY Investors can access Wealthscope on the Wealthica platform. First, create a free Wealthica account. Once signed in, click the "lightning bolt" icon in the top right, and then "Power-Ups Store". Look for the Wealthscope Power-Ups under "Third-Party".





Sign up on Wealthica

Connect your accounts

Choose your Wealthscope Plan and subscribe

Start analyzing your portfolios and plan!

About our Partner

Wealthica is the premier Canadian financial aggregator for investment accounts, with support for 100+ financial institutions. It uses bank-level security to connect your accounts from different financial institutions in one place (updated daily). Once your accounts have been linked by Wealthica, they can be analyzed by Wealthscope seamlessly. See the list of supported financial institutions

Users interested in subscribing to Wealthica's data connection service can use the discount code, WEALTHSCOPE33, for 33% off. The regular price for connecting up to 3 financial institutions is $50 per year, and $75 per year for unlimited connections.

Note: If you prefer not to connect your investment accounts, you have the option in the Wealthscope Power-Up to manually input/update your portfolio information for analysis. You do not have to subscribe to Wealthica's data connection service in this case, so there is no additional cost.


Additional information:

  • Both CAD and USD accounts are supported.

  • Canadian and U.S. stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, Canadian HISA and segregated funds, bitcoin, and Ethereum are supported.

  • Save and update your Retirement Blueprints and Drawdown Plans at any time. Save up to 5 Blueprints and 5 Drawdown Plans. Note: Within the 7-day money back guarantee period, you can generate 2 Blueprints and 2 Drawdown Plans.

Sign up for the most economical way to visualize and evaluate your investments, and build a solid retirement or drawdown plan

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