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The Retail Investor edition of Wealthscope is available through Wealthica as an Add-on at just $99.95/year, or $15.95/month. To access Wealthscope, first create a free Wealthica account. Once signed in, hover over "Add-ons" in the top menu, and then select "Get more add-ons" from the dropdown. On that page you will see the link to Wealthscope.





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About our Partner

Wealthica is the premier Canadian financial aggregator for investment accounts with support for 80+ financial institutions. Wealthica is free and it tracks all of your investments in one place. It uses bank-level security to consolidate your information. Once your accounts have been linked through Wealthica, they can be analyzed by the Wealthscope Add-on seamlessly.  

Note: If you prefer not to link your investment accounts or if your financial institution is not available through Wealthica, you have the option in the Wealthscope add-on to manually input your portfolio information for analysis.

Wealthscope Feature List

 Portfolio Scorecards 

With the Wealthscope proprietary scorecard, you can see a thorough analysis of your investments. You can analyze your investment accounts from different institutions, or portfolios you create on Wealthscope.

  • Graded on diversification,  downside protection, performance, income, and fees

  • Portfolio benchmark automatically assigned

  • Choice of domestic or global benchmark for the equity portion 

  • Analyze an individual investment account, all of your accounts together, or a select group of accounts


Link accounts through Wealthica. Once linked, they will show up in the Wealthscope add-on. If you prefer not to link your accounts, you have the option to manually enter your accounts for analysis in the Wealthscope add-on (editable, and save up to 10 accounts) 

  • Include cash in the portfolio analysis for linked and manually entered accounts 

  • Rebalancing 

    • Use the Rebalancing tool to set model weights for your holdings. Get an alert when the holding weights are outside of the target range, and see the rebalancing trades required. It also calculates the trades required when you need to make a deposit or withdrawal.

  • What-if scenarios

    • Tweak your account's weights and holdings to create a "what-if" portfolio. See how it stacks up to the current one before you execute any trades.

    • Save your "What-if" as a “Portfolio” to revisit later for further analysis or for simulations in Planning. 


Use our innovative portfolio builders to test your investment ideas. 


  • Builder: "Create your own ETF Portfolio"

    • Create and analyze your own portfolio from a list of bond, stock, alternative ETFs; ideal for creating benchmark portfolios for comparison and planning.

  • Builder: "Analyze a Custom All-Inclusive Portfolio" 

    • Test your own portfolio ideas by selecting any Canadian and US stocks, ETFs, and Canadian mutual funds by inputting their tickers and corresponding weights. 

  •  Any portfolio you build can be analyzed with our scorecard.

  • 5 Wealthscope Model Portfolios: All-In, Adventurous, Classic, Cautious, Playing-It-Safe

  • Compare, save or edit portfolios​​


Set long-term goals, determine how much you need by a target date, and how much you should save per month with different portfolio options. We model investment and longevity risks, as well as the likelihood of reaching your goals.

  • Target Wealth

  • Target Saving, simulate using any portfolios you build on Wealthscope or your investment accounts


  • Fund Lookup

  • New Account Setup, calculate the number of shares to purchase if you are setting up a new account with an online brokerage, and already have a portfolio in mind.

Note: Wealthscope is able to analyze your investment accounts as long as we have your stock/ETF/mutual fund tickers and weights. Some mutual fund accounts (e.g., Sunlife, Manulife) may not return mutual fund tickers if you are using Wealthica to aggregate your accounts. You can check on Wealthica prior to purchasing the Add-on: After you have connected to your financial institution(s), please visit the Account Dashboard on Wealthica, and click the briefcase symbol  to view holdings. There, you will see if tickers for your holdings have been returned. If not, you will need to find the tickers from your statements and enter them manually in the Add-on. Please note that we cannot analyze private funds.


List of Supported Institutions on Wealthica:

  • AGF

  • Aligned Capital Partners

  • Alterna Bank

  • Assante

    • Assante Connect

    • Assante Wealth (InvestorOnline)

  • BMO

    • BMO InvestorLine​

    • BMO adviceDirect

    • BMO Nesbitt Burns

  • Canaccord Genuity

  • CIBC

    • CIBC Investor's Edge​

    • CIBC Wood Gundy

  • Computershare

    • ​Computershare Employee Online

    • Computershare Exempt Market

  • Credential

    • Credential Asset Management

    • Credential Securities 

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