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Wealthscope For Advisors


Spend more time with clients, and less time pulling investment data for analysis

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Save Time

  • Wealthscope is integrated with Ndex Systems and Wealthica, so you can seamlessly link and update client accounts held at different financial institutions;

  • Use our proprietary Portfolio Scorecard to analyze one investment account at a time, or group several together for a big picture analysis;

  • Test portfolio ideas and quickly generate CFR pre-trade compliance supporting documents. 

Latest technology & research

  • Used by over 80,000 Canadians, and developed by an experienced, award-winning research team, our analytics are always put into context and displayed in an easy-to-understand format;

  • Web access from anywhere or integrate directly onto your desktop CRM;

  • Connect investments to planning. For example, optimize drawdown plans for taxes while testing with different investment scenarios.

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Prospect & client engagement

  • Our online prospecting tool lets you reach a wider audience with client friendly summaries when face-to-face interaction is limited;

  • Provide meaningful analysis and illustrate a client's portfolio suitability in five important dimensions, all with a modern user interface and multi-media;

  • Look no further if you are seeking a streamlined goal-based planning tool that provides to-the-point advice.

Build trust with clients

  • In a time of increasing regulatory sensitivity with more demand for transparency and documentation, elevate your conversation with clients using an objective evaluation of their portfolios, driven by intelligent and intuitive analytics;

  • Evaluate the impact of adding cryptocurrencies to a client's portfolio, show the ESG scores of their investments, as well as exposure to specific stocks.

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Wealthscope takes complicated analytics and transforms it into a pleasant user experience for both the advisor and the client. The platform makes it easy to review a client’s portfolio (both individual and aggregate at the click of a button) in real time, something I have been doing, thus far, manually. ~ Daniel Evans, Investment Coach, CFP, Money Coaches Canada

Sign up today for a two-week, no-obligation free trial

Please note that our registration and web application are optimized for desktop/iPad only

We offer 2 subscription packages: IA and Pro 

Investment Analytics (IA) Edition

$39.95/month or $299.95/year (save 40%)

Best for: Advisors and portfolio managers focused on portfolio reviews/recommendations and testing investment ideas for their clients. 


Portfolio Scorecards: On demand reviews of the strengths and weaknesses of your clients’ and prospects’ investments. Our unique scorecard offers a multi-dimensional analysis that includes risk-adjusted performance, downside protection, fund fees, income, diversification, and ESG. Review a sample scorecard with a letter grade for each dimension here, and one without the grades here.


Portfolio Tools: Test portfolio ideas with Canadian and U.S. stocks and ETFs, Canadian mutual funds, and even Bitcoin and Ethereum. Create a “what-if” portfolio and compare it to the existing one. Get portfolio rebalancing alerts and trades. Look up and compare funds. Benchmark portfolios against passive ETFs. Find ETF portfolios that best fit your tactical strategy and more.


Account aggregation: Get a holistic view of your client’s financial wealth. Connect your custodial accounts and/or clients’ investments held at other institutions, all in one place. 


Client Management Dashboard (up to 50 clients): Navigate through client accounts and see individual summaries. Group clients to perform a holistic portfolio analysis at the household level.

No more downloading market and client data and crunching numbers in Excel! 

* Prices subject to change and do not include taxes.

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