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Prospecting Tool for Investment Advisors

Portfolio Evaluation 

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Let our Prospecting Tool generate new leads for you.....

This digital tool creates a meaningful engagement with your prospective clients by showing them – within seconds – an objective evaluation of their current portfolio. Graded on five key portfolio dimensions, the evaluation shows at a high level where the shortcomings lie and importantly, where you can add value.

In a time of heightened fees and regulatory sensitivity, clients are increasingly interested in transparent, evidence-based decisions. And given the recent dramatic shift in the advisor-client environment, digital tools have become imperative in demonstrating an advisor's value and reaching a wider audience without face-to-face interactions.

Our proprietary portfolio scoring methodology is trusted by the Globe and Mail and award-winning brokerages. Over 38,000 Canadians have assessed their portfolios using Wealthscope. To understand the logic behind our standardized scoring, see methodology. The full Portfolio Scorecard with all the supporting investment analytics will also be available to you; see a sample Scorecard.

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How it Works

You can seamlessly embed the Prospecting Tool on your own website by inserting a button, which we will provide once we have your domain and contact information. When prospects click the button, the tool will appear in a pop-up window, so that the prospects always remain on your website. At the end of the portfolio evaluation, a summary email will be sent to the prospect and to the advisor. The call-to-action is the advisor will reach out to the prospect to discuss the evaluation. 

Here is an example of an email sent to the advisor immediately upon a prospect's completion of the portfolio evaluation:

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 3.56.56 pm.png

An advanced edition of the Prospecting Tool is also available. It includes a third-party risk profile questionnaire of your choice and a comparison of your model portfolio to the prospect's current portfolio. 

If you would like to test the Prospecting Tool or start a free trial...

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