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Quintessence Wealth to Equip Partners with Wealthscope Portfolio Analytics


TORONTO, ON - May 30, 2022


Wealthscope, a leading provider of portfolio analytics and retirement planning software has reached an agreement to provide their proprietary analytics to Q Wealth’s next-generation technology platform. The two firms share a common mission about the future of wealth management. This partnership exemplifies two wealth-tech innovators working in tandem to support investment advisors to enhance their workflows and value-add to clients.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with Wealthscope,” stated Clive Cholerton, Executive Partner at Q Wealth. “As a Registered Portfolio Management firm, providing our Portfolio Managers with state-of-the-art research and analytics is essential to ensure we execute on our mandate of acting as a fiduciary and going the extra mile on KYP. Aside from the quality of the analytics themselves though, what makes the partnership such a dream is the level of integration Wealthscope provides. The APIs ported directly into our QFolio App, which in turn produces our client facing proposals. From the client perspective though, they would never think it was more than one company producing the output.”


“We are excited to work with and support Q Wealth’s unique business model as they continue to build out a digital ecosystem of superior tools and expert processes to revolutionize wealth management practices in North America,” said Dr. Pauline Shum Nolan, PhD, Founder of Wealthscope.


Post-integration, Q Wealth Partners will gain access to Wealthscope’s Portfolio Scorecard and portfolio review workflows which include proprietary analysis on portfolio risk-adjusted performance, downside risk, fund fees, income, and multi-pronged diversification, adding to QWealth’s existing end-to-end practice management platform. The suite of portfolio tools will also help advisors conduct what-if analysis, including the addition of cryptocurrencies, to articulate risk exposures meaningfully to clients.


About Wealthscope:

Wealthscope is a service of PW Portfolio Analytics Inc., a privately owned financial technology company serving the wealth management industry. The team has substantial expertise in portfolio management and analytics, as well as award-winning financial research. Wealthscope provides investors and financial advisors with a full suite of advanced portfolio analytics, unique portfolio builders and integrated planning tools. For more information, please visit:

About Quintessence Wealth:

Q Wealth Partners is a Registered Portfolio Management firm with Partner Firms nationwide. Established as a true partnership of like minded wealth management professionals, the firm prides itself on placing the Financial Plan as the lynchpin of the client/advisor relationship with a fundamental belief that Canadian Investors are best served by a Portfolio Manager acting as a fiduciary, administering with discretionary authority. For more information, please visit:

Contact: Armaan Zaffino

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