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Our services do not involve managing your money and we do not sell any investment products: what we offer is a web platform to autonomously track, analyze and plan your financial future.

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Accounts is where you can link your brokerage accounts from multiple financial institutions. You can then track all of your investments in one place, and importantly, have your portfolios analyzed by Wealthscope and see your portfolio's scorecard with all the accompanying analytics.

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Portfolios is where you can build and analyze new portfolios, which are always accompanied by the Wealthscope Portfolio Scorecard. And you do not have to be a pro to use our innovative portfolio builders! You can use any of your saved portfolios in the Planning section.


Planning is where you can set your long-term goals, determine how much you need by the target date, and how much you should save per month with different portfolio options, taking into account investment and longevity risks, as well as the likelihood of success.

Tools is where you will find useful mutual fund and ETF information, in addition to an expanding list of investment resources that we are proud to present in an intuitive and colourful way.

Wealthscope has a proprietary portfolio scorecard that rates your portfolios in 5 dimensions: 


 Performance  |  Downside Protection  |  Diversification  |  Fees  |  Income

 accompanied by  professional grade portfolio analytics:

  • Historical returns and volatility

  • Risk-adjusted ratios

  • Maximum drawdown and downside capture

  • Sector holdings and risk exposures

  • Macroeconomic risk exposures

  • Regional holdings and risk exposures

  • Equity style exposures

  • Yield analysis

  • Management fees analysis

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