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Redefining Portfolio Management and Financial Planning
All in One Place

Get a second opinion on demand
Grade your portfolios on 6 dimensions: performance, downside protection, diversification, fund fees, income, and ESG

Our intuitive portfolio and planning tools help you understand your investments and develop your retirement goals, including a drawdown plan. 

Receive a Wealthscope Portfolio Scorecard 
and all the relevant portfolio analytics for an individual investment account, a select group of accounts, or an aggregate of all your accounts

Understand your portfolio risk and
risk drivers, including ESG, so that you will not be caught off guard by another market downturn

Set your retirement objectives. See how much you need to start saving now and how this amount changes with different investment options

Compare your portfolio to benchmarks, peers, and hypothetical scenarios

Wealthscope for DIY Investors

We believe every investor should have access to an objective second opinion, whenever they want and at an affordable price. Best of all, you will also have access to our innovative retirement planning and drawdown tools, integrated with your actual investment accounts.  

We do not manage money and therefore are not looking to sell you anything.

We are your objective voice in the industry.

I really like the aggregation of all my accounts so I can evaluate diversification and portfolio risk on an overall portfolio basis as opposed to account basis that the banks do.


John K., Investor and Wealthscope user

The latest attempt to provide second opinions may just be the greatest: a website called Wealthscope, where investors and advisers can put their existing portfolios through a brisk, thorough workout, or test their own ideas for portfolio building. 

Rob Carrick, The Globe and Mail

The Wealthscope solution is easy to use, and will help investors reduce costs. It provides a lot more portfolio and risk analytics than anything that I have seen on the retail market. 


Preet Banerjee, Personal Finance Expert

(Wealthscope) has been tremendously helpful in validating my investment strategy and exposing areas for improvement.


Brenda L, Investor and Wealthscope user

Over 80,000 investors have had their investment portfolios graded by Wealthscope

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