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Build trust with clients by providing data-driven science and the optimal level of transparency 

The Wealthscope Advisor Edition helps financial advisors enhance their overall value proposition with robust tools for investing, portfolio building, and retirement planning that can attract, engage, and retain clients.

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of investors think getting tailored recommendations to be the most important feature of any tech-based investment solution*

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of investors agree that investment management should embrace technology-led innovations*

of wealth managers say that learning about, and keeping up with, new technology is a top challenge**

* TD Ameritrade, 2018
** Refinitiv, Wealth Management Solutions, 2019

The Wealthscope Advantage

We help turn data into actionable insights.

Improve efficiency

The Wealthscope Portfolio Scorecard instantly analyzes hundreds of complex data points for your clients' investments. Our professional-grade analytics are displayed in an easy-to-understand format and you can generate a PDF report for your clients in a matter of seconds. Minimize time-consuming tasks such as pulling data from different sources and running analyses on spreadsheets. Create customizable retirement plans and test alternate scenarios. Spend more time with clients and prospects, and less time going through tedious and lengthy workflow.

Benefit from the latest thinking and technology 

Be equipped for the digitization of wealth management with industry-leading tools. Our robust tools have been developed by a team with award-winning financial expertise, and proficiency in applied statistics and the latest technology. Our Drawdown Plan automatically analyzes thousands of withdrawal strategies to provide a tax-optimized income stream. We also leverage machine learning to help you construct portfolios for strategic and tactical asset allocation.  Build your own model portfolios and use them for pre- and post-retirement plans for all clients. 

Increase prospect and client engagement

Engage clients and attract new ones through a modern, digital experience. Our prospecting tool lets you to reach a wider audience when face-to-face interaction is limited. Goal-based planning streamlines financial plans and allows clients to have greater clarity of purpose. Print easy-to-understand summaries to share with clients. Illustrate a client's portfolio's exposure to different risk factors and see how their performance stacks up to a simple benchmark portfolio, all with an aesthetically appealing user interface.

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Build trust with clients

In a time of increasing fee and regulatory sensitivity, and with more demands for transparency, provide your clients with an objective evaluation of their portfolios with our standardized portfolio scoring methodology, driven by intelligent analytics. Our Portfolio Scorecard grades five key dimensions: performance, income, fees, downside risk, and diversification. Place emphasis on informed and evidence-based decisions.

Show thought leadership on complex investment topics that your clients will value.

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