Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Wealthscope's Integration on Wealthica

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When will the beta site, be phased out?


Our beta site will be closed to the public, starting Monday, September 30th. Your Wealthscope account (as well as your Yodlee information, if you have linked your brokerage accounts) will be permanently deleted. You will no longer be able to sign in after that date.


I have Retirement Blueprints and Portfolios saved that I would like to keep, what should I do?


You may save each Retirement Blueprint as a PDF (button at the bottom of the Blueprint) before September 30th. 

For Portfolios, you may screenshot the Scorecard.


Is there a way to transfer investment accounts I have entered and/or linked on the beta site to


Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer your accounts to To use Wealthscope, you must link your accounts on Wealthica, or manually enter them again in the Wealthscope Add-on. 


What financial institutions are supported for linking on Wealthica?


Please see the complete list of financial institutions supported on Wealthica here.


Can I still manually enter my holding information on Wealthica, without having to give up my login credentials?


Yes, manually entering holding information is still available.


Is the promo code for 15% off (WSBETA15) subject to automatic renewal each month or year?

Yes, it is a lifetime coupon; the discount will continue to apply to active subscriptions and renewals after September 30.

Will there be new features available on the Wealthscope add-on?


Yes, new features include a rebalancing tool, including cash in the portfolio analysis, a choice of domestic, a global benchmark for the equity portion of the Portfolio Scorecard … etc. Read more here for a complete list of features.    


How can I access the Wealthscope add-on?


You first must create a Wealthica account, and then you can subscribe to Wealthscope after selecting “Get more add-ons” in the Add-ons dropdown. Once subscribed, Wealthscope will show up on the Add-ons dropdown list.

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