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The Advisor edition of Wealthscope is designed for individual financial advisors in Canada. Unlike the retail edition, it has a client management system where you can analyze portfolios at the family level. You can also automatically link and update clients' investment accounts held at most financial institutions in Canada. In addition, we have added premium features such as the tax-optimized Drawdown Plan and Portfolio Longevity, both of which can generate simulations using your own model portfolios. The Advisor Edition is available via web access.

Summary of Features

 Portfolio Scorecard 


With our proprietary Wealthscope Portfolio Scorecard, you are able to standardize compliance-friendly portfolio rating for clients. You can generate a PDF of the Portfolio Scorecard to share with your clients.

  • Grade on 5 metrics: diversification,  downside protection, performance, income, and fund fees.

  • Performance benchmark automatically assigned based on a portfolio's asset allocation.

  • Choice of domestic or global benchmark for the equity portion. 

  • Flexible and insightful: Analyze an individual investment account, a select group of accounts from a client, or analyze accounts at the family level.

  • Option to use all holdings in the portfolio analysis - including the ones with a short history

  • See a sample scorecard here.



Access ​comprehensive, easy-to-use accumulation and decumulation tools, including goal-based plans. You may integrate your own model portfolios or your clients' actual portfolios in these tools.


  • Tax-optimized Drawdown Plan. Determine the optimal withdrawal strategy for your clients, and consider the impact of sequence-of-returns risk. To see a sample Drawdown Plan, and understand model features and assumptions used, see here

  • Portfolio Longevity: see how long retirement savings will last given different investment options.


  • Target Wealth

  • Target Saving

  • Retirement Blueprint for an individual or a couple. See a sample blueprint here. We model investment and longevity risks, as well as the likelihood of reaching your clients' goals.



This is where you can test portfolio ideas and create your own models. All portfolios saved here can be integrated in our goal-based financial plans for your clients and used in side-by-side portfolio comparisons. 

  • Designate a set of saved portfolios as models.

  • Builder: "SmartRisk Portfolios"

    • ​This questionnaire-based portfolio builder is designed for risk management, leveraging machine learning. It shows you a 7-ETF portfolio according to your tactical views and desired risk exposure.

  • Builder: "ETF Portfolios"

    • Create and analyze a portfolio from a list of bond, stock, alternative ETFs that have over 10 years of history; ideal for creating benchmark portfolios for comparison and planning.

  • Builder: "Custom Portfolios" 

    • Test portfolio ideas by selecting any Canadian and US stocks, ETFs, and Canadian mutual funds by inputting their tickers and corresponding weights. There is also the option to include cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum in the portfolio analysis. 

  • Any portfolio you build can be analyzed with our scorecard

  • Five Wealthscope Model Portfolios: All-In, Adventurous, Classic, Cautious, Playing-It-Safe

  • Compare, save or edit portfolios.



Our database covers Canadian and U.S. stocks, Canadian and U.S. ETFs, and Canadian mutual funds.

  • Automatic account linking and daily updates, powered by Wealthica. 

  • ​Option to manually-enter investment account information.

  • Option to include cash in the portfolio analysis to show clients the effects of a cash drag. 

  • Rebalancing 

    • Set model weights for your clients' holdings. An alert icon will show when the holding weights are outside of the target range, and see the rebalancing trades required. It also calculates the trades required when your client needs to make a deposit or withdrawal.

  • What-if scenarios

    • ​Tweak account's weights and holdings to create a "what-if" portfolio. See how it stacks up to the current one before executing any trades.

 Client Management 


The Advisor Edition includes an easy-to-navigate Client Management system. Our Advisor Dashboard is where you will see your total assets analyzed, total retirement plans created, as well as an individual summary for each client. 

  • Group clients in a family to perform a holistic portfolio analysis at the family level.

 Prospecting Tool 


This is a digital leads-generation tool that can be placed on your own website, without complicated technical integration. For more information, see its own dedicated page here.

Research Tools 


This segment includes useful resources and tools:

  • Charting tool for any Canadian and U.S. exchange-listed securities, Canadian mutual funds, and saved portfolios and accounts.  

  • Fund information lookup.

  • CPP and OAS estimators.

  • Fund allocator: it calculates how many shares you need to purchase when setting up a new investment account with a portfolio in mind.

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